Direct Payment

Psychological Testing in Austin, TX | Sound Mind Psychology accepts private payment for psychological services rendered.

Sound Mind Psychology’s testing process and fees are as follows:

Intake: First, meet with Dr. Brown - licensed psychologist for 1 hour to review details about history and symptoms.  She will ask you what you would like to learn from the psychological testing and how you hope to use the results.  From there, we will design a battery of tests to answer the questions we raise. ($300)

Testing Hours:  Next, the formal psychological testing process begins.  Clients participate in 1-3 appointments in order to complete all the tests that we plan during intake. Afterward, Dr. Brown scores and analyzes the results.  She prepares a comprehensive and useful written report. ($150/hour)

Sound Feedback:  Finally, talk face-to-face with Dr. Brown - licensed psychologist as she provides a 1 hour feedback session to review the written report’s data and findings, as well as discuss diagnoses (if any) and recommendations. ($250)


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